Welcome to the Outpost!

Hello friends! Welcome to my email corner of this glorious cyberspace. As soon as you sign up, you'll become part of my personal corner, the first to receive updates on my life, books, and daily adventures. It will be a gentle exhale, a place to pen my recent happenings, with an in-depth personal touch. So much of social media is swamped with the need for perfection as well as authenticity; all the while making it increasingly hard to have both. (I mean, nothing perfect was ever authentic. We're human. We make mistakes.) Here, you'll get more authentic, less perfection. Letters of my life from my heart to yours.

While email lists are definitely not my preferred platform (like, c'mon. So last century), I want to stay in touch with you all in case the other corners of the cyber-galaxy go dark. But don't worry! I hate spam, and I don't plan on becoming the very thing I swore to destroy. You'll only receive an email from me the first Saturday of every month and, even then, it won't be lengthy. 

So, without further adieu..

Welcome, friends, to The Outpost!

~K.E. Stanton
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